UK is famous for its world-class education to nurture the next generation of global high flyers.  “In Hope We Care” is our motto.  In the Hopeland family, we are here to listen attentively to each and every one of your needs, and advise the most suitable way in developing your child, allowing children of different levels to have a pleasant experience studying abroad in the UK, to gain new perspectives, to express their talent and to reach their full potential.


With a decade of experience, professional knowledge and an extensive business partner network, we have successfully provided hundreds of customers with pleasant and worry-free services.  Our services include UK educational schools placement and UK immigration consulting services.


Hopeland has built excellent relationships with prestigious independent schools, colleges and universities all around the UK.  We represents over 500 boarding schools.  Our fully-owned London office is also supportive to help students and clients adapt their lives in UK.  The successful and life-fulfilling growth of your child is the best return to us.